As a leading supplier to the U.S. and International Dietary Supplement, Health Food, and Personal Care markets, we take great pride in offering ingredients that are...

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From Field to Finished Product®; quality, innovation and economy at every stage of your partnership with ENI.

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ProfileProven is ENI's Quality Assurance System that guarantees product potency, safety, and integrity.

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ENI Ingredients


Why Choose Us?


Quality. Innovation. Economy.

NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Profile Proven R&D: Our Lab is Your Lab.

GMP Comppance Made Easy.

Personalized Customer Service.


  • The majority of the leading US supplement companies are working on using non-GMO ingredients in their formulations, said Cal Bewicke, CEO of Ethical Naturals Inc (ENI), as the company launches non-GMO vitamin C. Learn more >

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