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For over 12 years, ENI has been an acknowledged industry leader in the sourcing, analysis and supply of premium botanical extracts. Every day we strive to provide a true experience through our core philosophy of nature verified by science®.

ENI supplies many commonly used extracts such as Ginkgo biloba, Milk Thistle, Bilberry, 5-HTP. Additionally, we offer a number of unique signature ingredients that add value and health benefits to many companies’ product lines. These include: AlphaWave® L-Theanine, Cranberex™, GreenGrown® Glucosamine, LOHAN-50, and others. For the full range of these ingredients, see our Signature Ingredients section.

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  • Standardized botanical extracts
  • Value-added Signature Ingredients
  • Our ingredients tested under NSF Certified QC program
  • Encapsulation & bottling services
  • From Field to Finished Product®: we work with you to make your business and your new product introductions run more smoothly.

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Quality Assurance


ENI is one of the few raw material suppliers to be certified to the level of FDA 21 CFR-111. This certification by NSF covers our raw material supply chain, testing laboratory and manufacturing divisions. Our robust quality assurance program protects your company’s name and reputation at every step.

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ENI Signature Ingredients

  • AlphaWave_logo
  • Cranberex
  • Green
  • GreenEnergy
  • Hi
  • Polyphenol
  • Pure
  • ResVinol_0
  • SFB
  • VinCare



NSF colorAll of ENI's supply chain, testing laboratory and distribution systems are validated to FDA 21 CFR-111 BY NSF.

AlphaWave sample

ENI Ingredients Now Available In Ready-For-Retail Capsules.


For supplement manufacturers eager to find a trustworthy source of natural ingredients, Ethical Naturals is the answer. Every product in the entire Ethical Naturals product line is fully tested for purity and potency through our NSF-111 certified program - a transparent process upon which our partners can rely. In order to help our customers provide safe and effective products to help families enjoy long, healthy, active lives, we’ve developed rigorous protocols for botanical testing, product analysis, ingredient identity and regulatory compliance. When a company buys from us, they buy full chain of custody data, and full USA-based quality verification on every ingredient. When they buy from us, they buy peace of mind. As a result, our ingredients are featured in hundreds of leading dietary supplements and food products found in natural products stores, grocery stores, drug stores, health care practitioner offices and online retailers. But you don’t just have to take our word for it: every step of our ingredient supply and Manufacturing chain is certified by NSF up to their highest NSF-111 standard.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food & Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Alphawave®, Cranberex™, GreenGrown®, Hi-Omega™, Polyphenol-C™, ResVinol®  and SFB® and VinCare® are registered trademarks of Ethical Naturals, Inc.

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