Ethical Naturals, Inc. Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

For nutritional supplement providers, eager to find a trustworthy source for natural ingredients, R&D and manufacturing production, Ethical Naturals, Inc. (ENI) is the answer.

Our company provides the highest quality:

  • Standardized botanical extracts
  • Special, value-added Signature Ingredients
  • Ready for retail and private label products for easy line extension
  • Private label products for easy line extension
  • Encapsulation and bottling services

For supplement manufacturers eager to find a trustworthy source for natural ingredients, R&D and production, Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI) is the answer.

Every product in the ENI portfolio is evaluated for purity and potency through our NSF-111 certified ProfileProven testing program -- a fully transparent process upon which our partners can rely. All testing is carried out and documented according to FDA 21 CFR-111 requirements, in our own lab or other U.S. independent testing laboratories.

When a company buys from ENI, they buy peace of mind in the form of full chain of custody data, and full US-based quality verification on every ingredient.

We take pride in the fact that during a time of increasing regulatory and consumer affairs focus, our robust quality assurance program goes above and beyond to protect your company’s name and reputation.

Ethical Naturals, Inc. manufactures the highest-grade nutritional supplement products, at exceptional prices. NSF-111 certified manufacturing, highest GMP.

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