Non-GMO Vitamin-C

An increasing number of global consumers are very concerned about GMOs in their diet, and believe non-GMO supplements and other products are inherently healthier.

When it comes to typically commodity-driven Vitamin-C, Ethical Naturals, Inc.’s Non-GMO certified Vitamin-C offers a new distinction to products formulated with Vitamin-C. Ethical Naturals, Inc. is known in the industry for manufacturing the highest-grade supplement products, at exceptional prices.

Our Non-GMO Vitamin-C is ideal for use in supplement, beverage and food products, and is available in both ascorbic acid and calcium ascorbate forms.

  • Certified Non-GMO by SGS, a Swiss based, world leader in product certification
  • Allows you to upgrade your Vitamin-C formulas to Non-GMO

Non GMO Vitamin C Manufacturer

Ethical Naturals, Inc. manufactures the highest-grade nutritional supplement products, at exceptional prices. NSF-111 certified manufacturing, highest GMP.

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